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USAID Staff Care Program

What is Staff Care at USAID?

USAID Staff Care ensures the wellbeing and work-life balance of USAID's total workforce. It is intended to enhance job satisfaction, commitment and productivity:

  • Staff Care is based on a robust and dynamic partnership between the Agency and its workforce.
  • Staff Care raises awareness about the importance of employer-employee engagement.
  • Staff Care promotes work-life balance by encouraging employees to maintain a balance between work and family.
  • Staff Care focuses on the employees' wellbeing as influenced by emotional (stress), cognitive, spiritual and physical health.
  • Staff Care recognizes the importance of communication on employee issues and the need for improved internal communications.
  • Staff Care recognizes that intense assignments in Critical Priority Countries (CPCs) are rarely "over" after departure from the site and that assistance with emotional trauma is needed.

USAID's Staff Care Program promotes a range of programs and initiatives, such as a child care subsidy program, other child and elder care issues, assistance to all of the Agency's workforce in addressing a range of day-to-day life and resiliency issues, healthy lifestyles, fitness, improved lactation facilities, increased counseling services, etc. The effort is to promote a vibrant, healthy and diverse workforce.

Who benefits from Staff Care?

All categories of workforce are included.

Why is Staff Care important?

It leads to improved workforce morale, increased productivity, less sick leave usage, and a happier workforce. It also facilitates employee recruitment and retention.


Staff Care Services