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Welcome to USAID Staff Care

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USAID is striving for a 21st Century work environment where its total workforce feels valued, and where employee resilience, wellness and work-life balance are integral parts of the USAID culture. USAID's Staff Care Program promotes a range of programs and initiatives that assist with this effort.

We invite you to please take a moment and fill out this confidential brief survey about Staff Care so we can learn which programs/ services/ policies/ benefits you are familiar with and if there are any additional topics you hope to see addressed.


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The USAID Staff Care Program offers the following resources as we all absorb recent events in Beirut, Sharm el-Sheikh, Paris and Bamako. In the aftermath of tragic events like these, it is important we take care of ourselves and each other. The Staff Care Program is here to offer supportive care, including in the moment support such as coping with stress and anxiety, dealing with uncertainty, and guidance on how to talk to your children and families as well as scheduled telephonic counseling to provide support to individuals who may continue to experience emotional distress.

Common Reactions After a Trauma or Critical Incident [PDF, 114KB]
Coping With An Insecure Environment [PDF, 127KB]
Managing Yourself in a Crisis [PDF, 217KB]

For tips on how parents can help their children: